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Garda Turismo


Refresh of the web identity for one of the main tour operators of Lake Garda.




Garda Turismo

Mobile Hompage

In the mobile version of the Garda Turismo site, the vector animations shown enrich communication even from mobile devices, ensuring unique recognition and excellent performance.


The site's architecture was designed by focusing on the services that the company offers, dividing them into categories to help users find their way around.

Mobile Menu

The menu, even in the mobile version, is structured to help users quickly contact the company, as well as reach all the services offered.


Particular attention to typographic, such as the choice of font, spacing, weight, line spacing and perfect color. In this way, the legibility of the texts helps users to quickly understand the information they are looking for.

Focal points

At the heart of the strategy for the new website was the need to simplify navigation for users and to show them all the qualities of the company, from partners to the countless services offered. Hence the need to structure dedicated sections with an innovative and unique design.

Technologies used

The various programming languages ​​used that allow the site to have advanced features.

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