UI, Web Design

Studio Fogliardi


An accountants study in the lower part of Lake Garda renews its image on the web.




Studio Fogliardi


Simplified as much as possible to allow users to immediately find the information they are looking for on the site. A slider with the site's iconic images makes above the fold direct and impactful.

The office

A section dedicated to the history of the firm accompanies users in their search for the information they need.

Mobile Menu

The mobile version menu allows users to instantly reach the information they are looking for via the search form and the menu, or call the practice via the dedicated button.


The search has been optimized in Ajax, a technology that instantly returns the results of the searched word, this together with a system of service categories helps the user to find exactly what he is looking for instantly.

Focal points

A timeless design, enriched by the corporate colour, an English green, were at the heart of this re-design.

Technologies used

The various programming languages ​​used that allow the site to have advanced features.

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