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Studio Maiocchi


A specialized sports massage studio approaches the web.




Kinesio Maiocchi


Also in the mobile version, the possibility of discovering the treatments of the Studio and to take a look more closer to the treatments for sports athletes, the main category of clients with which the studio collaborates, is immediately reported.


Each treatment has its own dedicated sheet which explains in depth both the trauma and the type of intervention to be carried out to recover. In this way, the type of service you are looking for is identified quickly.


The search has been optimized in Ajax, a technology that instantly returns the results of the searched word, this together with a system of service categories helps the user to find exactly what he is looking for instantly.


The site is equipped with the classic contact form which, if necessary, allows the potential lead to contact and book a visit.

Focal points

The structure of the site has been designed to bring the users who browse it to interface with the problems that the Studio deals with, in this way it is possible to offer one's own solutions to the problems dealt with the user discovers exactly how the final treatment will take place. Having offices in 3 countries the site was then translated in 3 different languages: italian english and spanish.

Technologies used

The various programming languages ​​used that allow the site to have advanced features.

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